Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Ones,

I love you, I honor you, and deeply appreciate you!  Since my last post, over 300 lovely souls have checked in.  I cannot tell you how much you have moved my heart, and I deeply apologize for not having something new to share with you until now.  Please forgive me.  

Your visits to my blog have touched my heart.  It has deepened my understanding and appreciation of how much Master Sha's teachings and powerful healing are needed on Mother Earth, and I will do my part to serve you better.

You may have wondered in the meanwhile, "What's happening with Master Pam?"  Well, my beloved ones, the answer can be captured in one word, stress. 

As you may know, I manage Master Sha's Soul Healing Center Honolulu, and early this year, Master Diane Fujio who assists me, lost her husband of 41 years.  It was a difficult time for her, as well as for the Hawaii Healer Ohana (family).  We felt the pain of her loss and all the aspects of sadness and grief.  

Shortly after, my dear mother suffered a life-threatening stroke, and although she received a total reversal of the symptoms through soul healing miracle blessings, the follow-up care for her fragile state took a toll on my family and siblings.  

Three weeks later, she suffered a second stroke, and again through miraculous healing blessings she recovered well.  This time her ordeal was very dramatic.  Due to her age at 96 and the recent history of stroke, the emergency room physician said all he could do was monitor her progress.  

Upon hearing this, I immediately sent her more healing blessings in the form of SMB H&TS, a Crown Chakra Blessing, and a Fa Chi blessing.  Within 12 hours my mother could speak, lift her right arm and leg, and smile without signs of paralysis.  After a few more days of tests, she was released from the hospital.  This was a significant and joyful event for my mom and the entire family.  However, follow-up care again was not an easy task to bear.

In the meanwhile, as their last resort, my son and daughter-in-law asked me to care for their newborn daughter since my daughter-in-law needed to return to work.  The cost of childcare in Hawaii is very high, especially for infants, and in their estimation no better care could be gotten than that of a doting grandparent.  As a result, my days were filled with the enormous stress of multitasking, juggling time and attention to managing a Center, attending to a parent in a fragile state of health, and offering childcare.  

A typical day for me began with a 5:00 am conference call or leading a teleclass, ending with evening classes at the center, and finishing up center business by 1:00 am.  I literally existed on 3-4 hours of sleep for seven months.

Fortunately, through Master Sha's teachings I clearly understood that I was being tested, and remembered to express gratitude for the opportunities to purify.  Purification is vital during times of stress, for we need to understand the reasons why we have been placed in certain circumstances.  Herein lie the uncovering, discovering and revealing of sacred wisdom.  Spiritual knowledge and awareness lead to better management of stress, because left unmanaged, stress can take a toll on one's emotional health, mental functioning, physical wellbeing, and most importantly, one's soul journey.

What I learned in the loneliest hours are that Master Sha, the Divine and all of Heaven are acutely aware of our struggles, and are connecting to us in the deepest way.  In times of stress, they reach out to us and guide us to higher levels of perception and understanding.  Ultimately, they guide us to surrender -- to release the ego, the negative mindsets, the worries and frustrations, the weariness, and the darkness.  This is the purification process.  It is in the moment, when the weight of the world appears to sit upon your shoulders, that you realize the only thing left to do is to let go -- let go of your problems, the challenges, negative relationships, negative thoughts and issues, and to simply trust -- to trust in Master Sha, the Divine, and all of Heaven that your struggles will be blessed and placed in the right hands.   

As long as you have done your part, by doing the best that you could possibly do to be the embodiment of the highest form of light, love, forgiveness and compassion, Heaven will not let you down.  Time and time again, in the moment of deepest pain, when I am pushed to the point of tears, Heaven's Light bursts forth!  The light shines the brightest in those critical times.  And the solutions and blessings come. They never fail to come.

Master Sha teaches that with great success comes great disaster, and with great disaster comes great success.  It is a blessing to be in the cycle of up and down, because at every point in the cycle, we are either receiving a blessing, or anticipating a blessing to come.  This has been true for me, and it may be for you.

As of today, the stresses that I endured over the past seven months have been greatly reduced.  Heaven has provided solutions where I am now able to get more rest, and enjoy the beauty of life.  How these challenges were transformed will the topic for another day  :)

I love you.  I honor you, and deeply appreciate you!  Thank you so much for checking in with me.  It is my hope to serve you well.  

With love, light and aloha,
Master Pam

Life is full of miracles.  Enjoy the journey!

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