Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Master Sha Visits Hawaii!

Day 1

Aloha Everyone!

The dreams and wishes of every student in Hawaii finally came true as Master Sha arrived in Honolulu yesterday morning. Upon his arrival, all of the islands were instantly blessed. The beautiful ballroom at the historic Queen Kapiolani Hotel was incredibly blessed, because our dear Master immediately uplifted the energy and frequency of the grand space, and gifted it with a beautiful Feng Shui blessing where everything about it is now energetically light and crisp.

Then true to his magnanimous spirit and generous heart, Master Sha immediately set to work and created 39 more outstanding Source Calligraphies, among which are the Ten Das and the Five Elements. How blessed we are! All of humanity, Mother Earth, Heaven and more have been blessed beyond measure!

I am always in awe and in the state of complete gratitude when Master Sha goes to work as he did the entire day. Our beloved Master is indeed the best teacher and role model of what it means to be an unconditional Total GOLD universal servant, and a Tao Servant.

Countless bow downs, countless bow downs, countless bow downs! 

With endless Love and Aloha from Hawaii, 
your servant, 
Master Pam

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