Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Miracle Healing with Master Sha in Hawaii!

Day 2

Aloha Everyone!

Master Sha once again demonstrated to the world the power of soul healing via Sunday Divine Blessings today! It was a beautiful and wonderful moment when a doctor of psychology who suffered from 8 years of chronic pain (levels 8-9 on a daily basis) and other debilitating conditions due to an auto accident, received soul healing blessings and did calligraphy dan tracing.

After receiving a Soul Operation and Soul Mind Body Transplants from Master Pam, "Ha" blessings from all the Divine Channels in the room, and a big final blessing from Master Sha, he declared that the pain level was dramatically reduced to less than
level 1! The room erupted in applause and
happiness for him.

It was a superb day for all who participated on webcast and in person with beloved Master Sha. Master Sha brings to humanity the greatest gifts -- life-changing services, as well as life-saving services. Humanity is blessed beyond words and comprehension! Countless bow downs, Master Sha! Countless bow downs to the Source, to the Tao, to Heaven, Mother Earth, and to all humanity. We are blessed beyond the beyond.

Thank you everyone for keeping abreast with the happenings in Honolulu. We are so grateful, and invite you again and again to join at the Queen Kapiiolani Hotel, and on webcast. We love you and appreciate you very much!

With endless love and aloha,
Master Pam

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